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Posted on Jun 10, 2013

WWDC Predictions 2013

Can I just trot out last year’s predictions and call it a day? Really, I’m not so much predicting as I am making a wish list, and since last year’s wishes went as unanswered as my 9th birthday wish for my very own Death Star did… Let’s be optimistic and blow those candles out again!

  1. Apple TV SDK. More important now than ever since all of my toddler’s favorites just migrated to Amazon Instant Video. Come on, Apple. Don’t make me buy a Roku.
  2. A technology I lusted for – I mean predicted – last year will finally show itself today: 802.11ac/Gigabit Wifi.
  3. CPU upgrades too. Haswell, your time has come. Better battery life and enough power to drive larger retina displays are on their way.
  4. The previous two items mean it is time to upgrade some hardware. New MacBooks with Gigabit Wifi will be nice, but how about a Gigabit Wifi and Retina Display iMac? Same for the Mac Mini and Cinema Displays would be nice too.
  5. Mac Pro. You have the attention of the biggest geeks in your community. Give them something to lust for.
  6. iPhones and iPads probably won’t get updated but wait a couple months for new ones with iOS7, new and updated apps, and Gigabit Wifi.
  7. New AppleTV, Airport and Time Capsules with Gigabit Wifi. AppleTV update will be a couple months away, so that Amazon, HBO and others can get their apps ready.
  8. Okay, so I’m obviously lusting for bigger retina displays, faster wifi, and AppleTV Apps, but what about the core of what they’ll show off? Like iRadio, OSX and iOS7?
  9. iRadio. Sure, why not. You could just put Spotify and Pandora on AppleTV and I’d be happy, but if you can do better, cool.
  10. Mac OS X 10.9? iOS 7? Dazzle me, Johnny Ive.
  11. And as long as you are upgrading MacOSX, how about showing some love for iLife and iWork too?
  12. New toys? iWatch should arrive this fall and iTV by Xmas. This is after all a wish list.

Until next year!

Posted on Jun 11, 2012

WWDC Predictions

I’ve always thought that Mac Guru would be a nice gig. Especially for a news or rumor site. Prognosticating can be fun! And whatever doesn’t come to pass will come along later. What? No 3D holographic chess on the iPhone? They must still be working out the bugs. Don’t worry, C3PO will fear the wookie’s wrath soon enough.

So what gets announced in a couple of hours this morning? Mountain Lion and iOS6 are obvious at this point. Features? Siri on iPads. Auto app updates would be nice. I’m pretty tired of constantly seeing that little red circle on the App store. It’s like a game that I am constantly losing. Resolution independence in OSX. Facebook everywhere.

Hardware is coming, it seems. A complete rev of the Mac line? Sure, why not. Nice big splash for Tim Cook’s first keynote. Retina displays across the board, along with USB3 and 802.11ac gigabit wifi. Ivy bridge CPUs. New Airport products too.

Toys, toys, toys!

But this is a developer conference, and the most important things will be what will be possible for geeks to code. Like Siri integration for 3rd party apps. How to make your apps take advantage of resolution independence. And an AppleTV SDK. I’m betting that we’ll see Pandora, Spotify and Angry Birds on AppleTV demos.

That’s a pretty hefty slate for one day. Probably a lot of wishful thinking on my part. But even if all of that were to take place there will still be some pundit complaining that the iPhone 5 wasn’t announce, no 7″ iPad and definitely cries of alarm that the iTV isn’t coming and that obviously Apple has failed in their objective to take over your living room so best to sell your stock.

Should be fun regardless. Wish I was going this week just for the lunch presentation by JJ Abrams. Oh, and all the cool code. I think I need to get back to attending again.